Some practical information to help orient you as you arrive and prepare for the Col.loqui:

The site of the conference, Victoria College in the University of Toronto is located steps away from the Museum subway station. Registration on Friday will take place in Victoria College Alumni Hall. The Victoria College building (also known as Old Vic) is in the middle of the Victoria quad. One easy way to find it is to go to the Isabel Bader Theatre at 93 Charles St. West and simply walk behind it into the quad. Alumni Hall is right off the foyer on the main floor of the large building with scaffolding. The “EM” beside room numbers in the program denotes Emmanuel Hall, which forms one side of the Victoria quad.

The Curricula session on Friday afternoon is an unstructured opportunity for people to talk both about the possibility of mounting shared courses online and a chance to simply exchange experiences in teaching Catalan subjects. What novels/films/stories/topics/approaches have really worked well for you? Or not? Think about this on your way to Toronto and then do drop by and share your tips and tricks.

You will have noticed that there is no formal banquet. We encourage you to come to the pub night on Saturday at the Duke of York and then take advantage of Toronto’s incredible selection of restaurants.

Getting around Toronto is very easy; the subway runs frequently and the area around campus is eminently walkable. Taxis are extremely plentiful although rather expensive compared to other North American cities.

We wish you an excellent stay in our city and a very engaging and enjoyable Col.loqui!